Month of Meals workshop

Make Menu Planning a Breeze Even If Your Family Rolls Their Eyes At Plant-Based Food!

Turn Your Stack of New Recipes and Family Favs Into an Easy and Delicious Menu Plan

Bored with the same meals over and over? Does your mind go blank every time someone asks, "What's for Dinner?"

Month of Meals Workshop will help you quickly and efficiently create a menu that's easy to execute via a system that's simple to repeat. You’ll take your own stack of favorite family recipes, learn where to find healthy plant-based faves, and then map them into an efficient, delicious, and varied menu for the entire month.

All of this with special hacks and strategies specifically for:

  • Families with picky eaters
  • Mixed families with carnivores + veggie lovers
  • Busy people who can't spend all day cooking

Tina says:

“This really takes the pressure off!”

Simplicity is the key to sustainability, especially for this non-cook. Now, most of my prep happens at the grocery store: I buy bagged salads, frozen edamame, veggies, and berry medley. My home prep today was slicing 2 tomatoes and making quinoa, plus beans 'n greens. Boom! I was prepped! P.S. I just microwave potatoes and sweet potatoes when I want them. This totally takes the pressure off!

turn Menu planning into Playtime:

  • Work WITH your Crazy Schedule
  • Find Shortcuts to Reduce Decision Making
  • supermarket Shopping More Efficient
  • Calendar Templates and a System for Planning
  • creative base meals (others can easily add meat, cheese, sour cream, and more)

finally a personalized solution for your family!

“Healthy food ready to eat all day.”

I have been vegan/vegetarian for several years and love fruits and veggies but I don’t always make healthy food choices. I have gained weight over the past year eating the wrong foods, stress eating, not sleeping well and not focusing on self-care and exercise. I enjoyed having healthy food prepped and ready to eat all day and I’m looking forward to the changes that I'll see as a result!

- rene, Pittsburgh, PA


this is what you can expect to

Receive during the workshop

  • My 90 Minute Workshop
  • The Recording to Keep
  • The Month of Meals Workbook
  • Time for Q&A with Our Plant-Based Expert Christin
  • BONUS: $4 Meals in 15 Minutes or Less Booklet
  • BONUS: Grocery List and Menu Mapping Templates


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why not just purchase a completed menu plan?

You can certainly purchase a ready-made menu plan or even pre-made meals, but they’re rarely designed to work with mixed families, so you’ll end up having too much or too little. Plus, you’ll find them loaded with complicated meals so you’re still spending a ton of time in the kitchen making what someone else is telling you to make!

Think of this workshop as a marriage between efficiency and practicality as applied to plant-based menu planning!

What will I learn that I can’t find on blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube?

You can find 676 million vegan recipes online (I counted!) Even when you can scrounge up the healthy ones, you’ll need a calculator to count up all of the ingredients, some of which you’ve never heard of before. Even once you do that, it can take hours to turn all of those bookmarked recipes into a menu for the whole month.

Or you can attend this workshop and get the job done all in one sitting and hardly think about it again.

What if I have questions?

No worries. You can post in the Facebook group or email me questions any time!

you're invited to attend the

Month of Meals workshop



2 HOUR Month of meals WORKSHOP


month of meals WORKBOOK


Q&A TIME to customize your menu


BONUS: $4 Meals in 15 Minutes or Less booklet


BONUS: Grocery List & Menu Mapping Templates





Total Value = $525

Your Total = $50



Month of Meals WORKBOOK $25


BONUS: $4 Meals in 15 Minutes or Less $25

BONUS: grocery list template $25

VALUED AT = $525

Your Price = $50

Meera says "Even picky eaters are happy!"

“It helped me master planning, prepping, shopping, and pleasing all those picky eaters - including all 10 of mine!”

"Picky Eaters Pleased!"

Not sure if this workshop is for you?

Month of Meals Guarantee

Attend the Month of Meals Workshop and if it doesn’t exceed your expectations, help you plan your next month’s menu, or save you tons of time and money, just email [email protected] and we’ll happily issue you a full refund. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions